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In this review, we look at, a buyback website for selling your used devices. Sellshark primarily buys Apple products. While their service has some good features, the lack of reliable reviews or social media presence is disconcerting.

About Sellshark

Founded in 2011, Sellshark is an online buyback service that promises you can sell your used electronics risk-free and regardless of their condition. But who are they? Their website doesn’t reveal much about the team behind the shark. Fortunately, there’s the internet to tell us that the service is based in St. Louis (well, actually, Ballwin), MO, and was founded by a man named Jon Slyman.

sellshark home

Beyond that, they’re hard to track down. Sellshark hasn’t received much press. They don’t have a profile on Better Business Bureau. Their Facebook seems to have been deactivated and they haven’t posted on Twitter in two years (so maybe call ahead to make sure they’re still there before mailing them anything).

That said, they continue to receive positive reviews on Trustpilot where they get a solid 9/10 score and on where they have a 9.35/10. That bodes well – though both of those sites have been accused of not necessarily accurately reflecting real customer scores.

Trustpilot Sellshark

So, all in all, it’s hard to know much about them based on their public presence (or lack thereof). Let’s take a closer look.

More About Sellshark’s Buyback Program

What Devices Do They Buy?

Sellshark buys most Apple products and pretty much exclusively Apple products. Outside of Apple, they’ll buy your used Samsung Galaxy or Sony Playstation – and that’s it. If you have other devices to sell, you may consider Decluttr.

Devices Sellshark

But if you’ve got an Apple product, they probably buy it! They accept iPhones starting with the 4 up to the X, iPods, iPads, Apple Displays, Macs, Apple TVs, Apple Watches (series 1-3), HomePods, and Apple accessories and networking devices. Whew!

The Quoting Process

This is… it’s an odd quoting process. It’s in essence the same as other similar sites, but the organization is a little disorienting. You click boxes to select different descriptors of your device (type of device, condition, color, etc.).

Quoting Process Sellshark

They’ve split up the condition descriptors between the beginning and end of the series of questions, and answers can’t be adjusted without clearing every piece of information entered since. It’s not challenging, by any means, it’s just not the best version of this system we’ve seen.

Shipping Options

Sellshark provides a pre-paid label, you bring the packing materials. One thing that’s nice about them is they insure your package completely, no questions asked. So that’s good!

How it works Sellshark

Payout Options

It seems like they prioritize PayPal but will send you a check if you want. Not blowing any minds there, but nothing to shake a stick at either. And they’ll credit your account the day they approve the device, which could mean a nice speedy turnaround on payment.

Fast Payout Sellshark

Customer Service

In a bid to prioritize personal contact, Sellshark has a banner on the upper-right-hand corner of their site that gives you the fastest way to get in touch with a human. The banner appears to switch over when their office closes for the day from a phone number to an email.

Contact Sellshark

That’s a neat feature – it shows they care that you feel like you can get someone, at the very least. They offer a variety of ways to make contact and, if what reviews we can see are to be believed, they’re nice. (Unfortunately, again, the majority of their reviews don’t appear on unbiased sites.)

As well as the contact information above, they also have a live chat feature that shows an average response time of 1 day. Cool.

Additional Benefits & Features

Sellshark makes two unique promises. From their website:

Guarantees Sellshark

The rest of their selling points would be true of any buyback site, but these two are worth taking into consideration – though you should still pay your used device well and take a photo of it before sending it off!

How Do The Payouts Compare?

The payouts are fair. They stand out in the buying of damaged devices – they’re on the high end of quotes for cracked and broken iPhones. A regular used iPhone in good-condition, on the other hand, is quoted in the mid-to-low range.

Compare Payouts Sellshark

The same is true for the Samsung Galaxy – one that’s damaged might get a slightly higher price at Sellshark than elsewhere and one in good condition fetches an average bid.

And One More Thing

Since we don’t know much about Sellshark’s track record, it’d be prudent to exercise caution in dealing with them. There are a couple complaints online from disgruntled customers who feel they were requoted or otherwise scammed.

Despite their cheeky site section about all the reasons they’re clearly not a scam, there are some weird red flags here. It’s a little unsettling that they list their social media profiles and press coverage as evidence of their not-scam-ness when all seem to be rather out of date or even discontinued.

On the other hand, it bears mentioning that they’ve created this handy guide for removing an iCloud account from your device!

Wherever you ultimately decide to sell, this might come in handy.

In Conclusion

Sellshark has some positive points – they offer free shipping, relatively quick turnaround on payments, and some nice guarantees. Their customer service options are robust and their offers and generally fair. All that said, the upsides may not outweigh the risk of a using site that is largely unvetted. If you decide to use Sellshark, we’d advise documenting your items before sending them in. And if turns out well, let us know! We’d love to be proven wrong.