Unveiled at an Apple event in October 2018, the third-generation iPad saw Apple bring in some of the key features of its flagship phones. From the super-fast A12X Bionic chip to the edge-to-edge Retina display, the device got a delightful welcome from many iPad users. It also features the coveted tap-to-wake feature from the iPhone X and a massive 1TB of storage space.

Geared towards professionals and high-end users, the iPad Pro 3 line-up is available in both 11-inch and 12.9-inch sizes respectively. 

Generally, the upgraded hardware and software components of the third-generation iPad Pro places it at the top of the iPad series; and if there is any tablet that could handle almost anything you throw at it right now, it’s the one. 

iPad Pro 3

Why You Should Sell Your iPad Pro 3

The iPad Pro 3 is the best iPad your money can buy at the moment, but that doesn’t mean it’s absolutely perfect and without flaws. While it replicates so many exciting features from the high-end iPhone models, it also ditches some cool features. 

The iPad Pro 3 line-up ditches the Touch ID for Apple’s new Face ID, and the sweet old headphone jack is conspicuously missing. And these are some do the features that we almost cannot do without on the iPad. 

For many Apple pessimists, the omission of these user-oriented features could mean a lot- especially with the high price-tags. While some other personal reasons may necessitate selling your third-generation iPad Pro, here are some common reasons.

Selling iPad Pro 3

Incremental Upgrades

By comparison, the second-generation iPad Pro has a lot in common with the iPad Pro 3. And this may just be enough for users who do not need that extra power to carry on their daily tasks. 

For a device that is as pricey as the iPad Pro 3, the changes have to justify the price- beginning with the design. Otherwise, you can sell your iPad Pro 3 online for the highest price. It’s as simple as that!

Limited Memory

Apple’s solution to limited storage capacity is giving out more storage capacity for a higher price. And that’s what we have in the latest iPad Pro models. While the massive 1TB of storage may seem like more than enough for you, it will cost you an arm and a leg.

Non-Expandable Storage Options

Even with the massive 1TB of storage, there comes a time when it really doesn’t matter. Let’s say your device ran out of juice and you need to transfer some files to another device or PC urgently. This is where expandable storage becomes very useful. If you own a device with a removable card slot, you can save your data files on it and safely eject for use on compatible devices at any time.

If the expandable storage looks like your thing, or you cannot afford the expensive 1TB variant, selling is the only way out. You can trade-in your third-generation iPad Pro for cash if you prefer a tablet with external storage that functions just well for you.

Additional Spending Cash

As the top-of-the-line tablet from the Apple iPad Pro line-up, your iPad Pro 3 is more valuable than you think. Most especially when you sell it to a buyback program. It is one of the tablets with the highest market value at the moment. When converted to cash, it will fetch a considerable amount of money that can be set towards taking care of your personal needs. 

Empty Your Junk Drawer

The advent of new technology drives innovation in the tech world. As new technologies emerge, you may have more reasons to use the services of newer models than the old ones.  This may prompt you to trade in your tablet for cash and upgrade to a new model with distinct features. 

Instead of relegating your old tablets and cellphones to your junk drawer, you can gather them all and sell them to a buyback program for cash.   

Safely Recycle Your Old Devices

Additionally, rather than accumulate broken and defective devices in your junk drawer, you can sell them to a buyback program for safe recycling.

Why You Should Sell Your iPad Pro 3 To A Buyback Program

The third-generation iPad Pro is everything you want in a tablet and more. As it stands, it ranks tip among the tablet devices with the highest market value. This explains the reason why many online trading platforms will try to win you over and convince you to sell. 

No doubt, selling your iPad Pro 3 is simple and straightforward, but a little hard work is required to get the most value. 

Over the years, buyback sites have consistently offered the best rate for pre-owned tablets. So you can count on that if you are looking to make the most cash from the sale of your device. In addition, here are some other perks of selling your iPad to a buyback program. 

iPad Pro 3 Selling

No Hidden Charges

Your iPad Pro 3 is a powerhouse that comes with a lot of productivity-enhancing features. This implies that your device is a hot cake that any buyback site would gladly buy. When you deal with buyback sites like Buyback Boss, you will get the maximum value in cash for your device. We will not charge you a dime to ensure you end up with the highest payout every time. 

Easy, Quick, And Convenient

Ideally, most buyback sites offer customer-oriented services that guarantee ease of use and convenience. So if you are looking to get the highest value for your iPad, buyback programs are your best bet.

Sell Your iPad Pro 3: Risk Free

While some marketplaces will require you to meet up with a stranger to complete a transaction, buyback sites will not. Whenever you do this, you expose yourself to some safety and security risks – which is not a good idea at all.

When you sell your device from the comfort of your own home, you won’t run into any safety or security risk.