The third-generation iPad Mini tablet didn’t come with much fanfare, but it sure complements everything that we loved most about its predecessor. 

Announced and released in October 2014, the iPad Mini 3 replicates the design and hardware of the previous model before it and introduces the Touch ID sensor to the compact-sized tablet series. The introduction of the Touch ID was a big deal, especially as it offers new and secure ways to make and authorize purchases with Apple Pay. 

The iPad Mini 3 didn’t have a clean slate though, as it generated some strong criticism from critics and Apple pessimists who encourage users to upgrade or sell it online for cash. The critiques couldn’t be nearer to the truth as the iPad Mini 3 offers no real upgrade over its predecessor.

Why You Should Sell Your iPad Mini 3

About five years ago, the iPad Mini 3 was the best thing for everyone looking for a handy but productive tool that can easily fit in their bag, but that time is long gone. Today, the iPad Mini 3 lags behind the latest iPads as well as a slew of other tablets from the competition. 

As it stands, there are many devices with great designs and revolutionary hardware upgrades that can replace your iPad. Since these devices come with a very high price-tag- for better or worse- you may need to trade in your iPad Mini 3 to fund your upgrade. 

Over the years, we have come to learn different reasons why people upgrade and sell their tablets online for cash. While the reasons may vary from one person to another, we have listed the most common reasons why you need to sell your iPad 3 Mini. 

iPad Mini 3

Upgrade To A Newer Model

With the solid wave of innovation blowing across the mobile technology space, your iPad Mini 3 has passed its prime. It can no longer keep up with several iterations of newer and better hardware and software technology, and you will need to get a new one. One-gig RAM and a dual-core CPU with 1.3Ghz maximum speed is wack by today’s standards. And you will be missing out on a wide array of spanking new features and latest security updates if you continue to stick to your outdated iPad Mini 3. Additionally, the redesigned 2nd generation iPad Air 2 released alongside the iPad Mini 3 is extremely lightweight and relatively small. Thereby canceling out the iPad Mini’s compact form factor.

When you sell your iPad Mini 3 online, you get fast cash so you can fund your upgrade and get that better productivity-oriented tablet you desire. 

Upgraded iPad

New Stunning Display

One of the hallmark features of a tablet is the display technology. Everything- from creating work of arts to reading and enjoying your multimedia entertainment- depends on it.

Five years after its release, the iPad Mini 3 is forever stuck on the outdated IPS LCD, which is the same display featured on its predecessor. This comes nowhere near the all-screen liquid retina display of the latest iPad or the stunning OLED display offered by the competition. How long do you have to miss out on real-time multimedia and video playback experience? For as long as you hold on to your old iPad Mini 3- of course! 

However, if you are looking to enjoy the revolutionary all-screen display of newer models, you can trade-in your iPad for quick cash and upgrade. It’s as simple as that.

iPad stunning design

Sell Your iPad Mini 3 To Put Cash In Your Pocket

This is one primary reason that is very common among people trying to sell their devices online. When you trade-in your iPad Mini 3 online for cash, you can earn some cash to spend on your personal needs and add to your savings as well.  


Empty Your Junk Drawer

Why allow your old tablets and cell phones to eat up your space when you can turn them into cash?

We live in an era where everything is valuable- including your creaky old iPads and cell phones. Your old devices can make useful spare devices- or parts- for some people. 

If you have a collection of old devices collecting dust in your junk drawer at home, you can put them to good use by trading them in for cold, hard cash. Talk about making something out of nothing- that is precisely what it is.

Recycle Electronics Responsibly

It’s 2019, and your iPad Mini 3 is only as good- or bad- as obsolete. There comes a time when it eventually goes off forever and refuses to come up. Even at that, it isn’t the end of the road for you or the device. You can trade-in your dead iPad Mini 3 for cash, and it will go through an eco-friendly recycling process that keeps your device away from a trash can or landfill.