Made and marketed by Apple in 2011, the iPad 2 is the second-generation tablet from the Apple iPad lineup. The tablet replaces the first-generation iPad and comes with some hardware and software improvements that somewhat represented a significant upgrade from its predecessor.

The iPad 2 featured a lighter structure and introduced the 0.7mega-pixel 720P rear-facing camera that works alongside the 0.3mega-pixel front-facing camera for video calling.

The iPad 2 enjoyed three years of solid support from Apple during which the device got six major OS updates. In 2014, Apple announced that the tablet wouldn’t be getting any further OS update. Worse still, Apple killed off continuing app compatibility with the device- no thanks to hardware limitations and incompatible Operating System.

All these points to one thing: your device is really old and needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

iPad 2 black and white

Why You Should Sell Your iPad 2

Ever since Apple discontinued support for the iPad 2 and killed off newer app compatibility, the device has been missing out on some modern productivity-enhancing functionalities and new features. The tablet is continually lagging behind each new generation of Apple iPad. And this makes it necessary for you to upgrade and get a newer tablet. Except if you are living under the rock and could care less about the exciting new features on newer iPads.

Selling iPad 2

In summary, here are some popular reasons why you may want to sell your old iPad 2 and upgrade.

Offset Your Next Purchase

Eight years after its introduction, the iPad 2 is no match for the latest iterations of Apple iPads and flagship tablets from the competition. Today, there is a wave of rapid technological advancements blowing across the tech world. This has resulted in a wide variety of modern innovations, faster and better tablets with great performances and exciting new features.

While the features of these modern tablets will impress you, their prices will not. So if you would like to be a proud owner of these super-fast tablets, you may have to break your bank. 

But enjoying all the productivity-enhancing features of the Pro-grade Apple iPads today doesn’t have to hurt your pocket. Selling your iPad 2 online will help raise some cash to upgrade to the new powerhouse that appeals to you.

You can quickly sell your iPad 2 to a buyback program and raise some cash to fund your upgrade and enjoy exciting new features.

Earn Side Income

One of the fastest ways to earn some extra spending cash is by selling your device to a buyback program. If you need money to take care of some urgent or personal needs, you can trade-in your iPad 2 for quick cash and earn some side income.

Empty Your Junk Drawer

As with all tablets and phones alike, everything has a lifespan. There comes a time when your device packs up and refuses to come up again. While this may be due to several conditions, old devices like iPad 2 are liable to quickly slow down and eventually pack up, sooner rather than later. When this happens, you may sell it online for cool cash instead of adding it to your collection of broken devices in your junk drawer. 

What’s more? You can create a single listing for all your broken and damaged devices and get the highest payout in one single offer. 

Why You Should Sell Your iPad 2 To Buyback Sites

Selling your iPad 2 to several online outlets available today is simple as ABC, but getting the most bang for your bucks isn’t. That is why it’s advisable to have prior knowledge of how a buyback program works and know which buyback program offers the best services.

If you are looking to get the highest payout from the sale of your device without sacrificing comfort and convenience, buyback sites are your best bet.   

Sell Your iPad 2

You can trade-in your iPad 2 on many online platforms, but can only get the most bang for your bucks when you sell to a buyback program. Unlike before, it is now very easy to sell your iPad Mini 4 online or trade it in for cash in real-time without breaking a sweat. However, if you are looking out to make the most money out of your device, you are better off with buyback sites.

No Transaction Fees

When you sell your device to some online outlets and marketplaces, you end up paying some ridiculous transaction fees. From creating a listing to finding a buyer and completing a sales transaction, you pay for almost everything. When this happens, you end up making losing a lot of money, all in the name of charges. 

Easy And Convenient

On buyback sites, you can create a listing and get a lucrative offer for your device in real-time without breaking a sweat. Forget about the hassle of waiting endlessly online searching for a buyer. As soon as you put up your device for sale, buyback sites will make you a fast offer that will save you all the stress. 

No Risks Involved

It even gets better from there- you can do everything right in your home without exposing yourself to any safety or security risks. Be safe when you sell your iPad 2.