After its experimental voyage into the world of wearables, Apple announced its first update to the original Apple Watch in September 2016. The introduction of this new device signals the end of the first-generation Apple Watch. 

Suffice to say that the Apple Watch Series 1 started from where it’s predecessor stopped; that’s exactly what an ideal upgrade is all about. 

The Apple Watch Series 1 is another step in the right direction for Apple as it continues to explore the world of wearables. The device offers some upgrades over its predecessors and comes in sizes that are suitable for all genders. However, it isn’t without its flaws.

From stylish design to exciting fitness features and a genuine heart rate monitor, this watch is everything but perfect.

Sell Your Apple Watch Series 1

Why You Should Sell Your Apple Watch Series 1

As the new kid on the block, it came under some heavy criticism the same way it got a great reception from Apple fans. The reason is simple. 

The experience of every individual user differs from each other. While the Apple Watch Series 1 may be immensely useful to some people, it is just another smartwatch for others. 

The Apple Watch Series 1 has been around for some time now. Moreover, except you are living under the rock, you would have come across the latest iterations of the Apple Watch Series with better connectivity, upgraded components, and faster performance. These iterations also come with some exciting features and advanced sensors- some of which are missing on the Series 1. 

When it becomes necessary to upgrade, you can sell your Apple Watch online and switch to a newer (better) model. You sure have nothing to lose. Still not sure? Here are some popular reasons why people trade-in their Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Series 1 unboxing

Extra Income

There comes a time when you need to take care of some urgent personal needs. And what happens when you don’t have any money to sort them out? Sell your Apple Watch, of course. 

These days, you can easily trade-in your Apple Watch Series 1 for cash and sort out your pressing needs. Whether you are looking to get some new clothes or save money for your next family trip, selling your Apple Watch Series 1 online will help you get off the ground.

Empty Your Junk Drawer

It’s most likely that you- just like everybody else- have a drawer where you keep your old, outdated cell phones and other broken devices. At a time when everything has a price tag, even your old Apple Watch is valuable. You can sell it to a buyback program at a mouth-watering rate. 

Recycle Electronics Responsibly

Everything has a lifespan. And no matter how sturdy and durable your Apple Watch is, it will inevitably pack up one day. When it does, you have only two options; toss it in the trash or trade it in. Do you know that your defective Apple Watch cam still make good, usable parts for new products? When you trade-in your old watch, it will either find a new home or be recycled for parts. This eco-friendly recycling process ensures your watch doesn’t end up in a landfill.

Sell Your Apple Watch Series 1 To Buyback Sites

Your Apple Watch has seen better days. The longer you hesitate to sell, the quicker the value drops.

Selling Apple Watch Series 1  

For a product that launched about five years ago, the market is still relatively new and not as buoyant as the smartphone/tablet market. And as such, you are only left with a few options when you need to sell your Apple Watch.

If you want to quickly sell your watch before the value dips further, you only have quite a few options. If you’re going to make the most money without breaking a sweat, then you’re better off with buyback sites.  Here are some reasons why you should sell your Apple Watch Series 1 to buyback sites.

Convenience Is Key

Having to go through a lot of stress and hassle before you can sell your watch can be very discouraging. Whenever you have to go through several steps just to create a listing for your device, you may lose the deal to continue with the other processes. While this may abound on many online marketplaces, it doesn’t exist on buyback sites. 

The ease of use and convenience of buyback sites facilitate smooth and seamless transactions. And that is one big advantage they will continue to have over the competition.

Instant Offer And Good Rates

One of the most annoying things when selling your device online is waiting endlessly for the perfect offer. During this time, you have to sit at the front of your PC going through multiple websites in search of the highest rate. This may end up eating up time you should spend on something more valuable and profitable. 

But when you sell your Apple Watch to buyback sites, you will not only get an instant offer but at the highest rate as well. 

Safe Selling

Unlike some classified sites like Craigslist or Offer Up, dealing with buyback sites pose no threat to your safety and security. You can sell your Apple Watch Series 1 online and from your home without meeting up with a stranger in an unknown environment.