The Apple iPad 5 is certainly not a revolutionary device, yet it enhanced some of the things we like most about the previous 9.7-inch iPad Air. 

Announced in March 2017, the iPad 5, also known as iPad 2017, is synonymous with productivity, creativity, and simple design. Generally, the iPad offers stronger battery life and noticeably faster performance than its predecessors- thanks to the built-in A9 chip

After its release, iPad 5 barely lasted a year before it was discontinued by Apple- for reasons better known to them. It wasn’t initially clear what prompted that decision from Apple. One thing is sure; Apple continually seeks for broader adoption of its tablet line-up, and the iPad 5 might just be an experiment in this regard.

At a relatively lower price and with a wide range of functionalities, iPad 5 represents better value for students and runs many productivity apps perfectly.

However, the low professional appeal and outdated specs and hardware of the iPad 5 means it isn’t for everyone, especially creative professionals. 

Selling your old iPad can get you some extra cash to spend on the latest models- and even take care of some personal needs.

Apple iPad 5

Why You Should Sell Your Apple iPad 5

All in all, the iPad 5 is a great device. Back then, it packed a lot of notable features that provide a noticeable increase in performance over its predecessor. Two years after its release, though, iPad 5 has fallen down the pecking order of the best Apple iPads for obvious reasons.

As Apple iPads continue to evolve, there is a need for everybody to continue to upgrade. The truth is, though, this upgrade could cost a fortune. To afford it you may need to make a few trade-ins for cash. You could be doing yourself a big favor selling your iPad 5 online to top buyback sites. 

Selling Apple iPad 5

Here are some reasons why you may consider selling your discontinued iPad 5 online:

Subtle Refinement Rather Than A Major Upgrade 

The 2017 iPad 5 shares very similar features and specs with the older iPad Air- except for a couple of new additions. 

As a matter of fact, it didn’t introduce any new outstanding features and only offered incremental upgrades over its older predecessor. If you own an iPad 5, you are more or likely a proud owner of an older iPad Air in a new body. But the thing is, you have no reason to hold on to your iPad 5 so tightly. Not after the release of newer, faster iPad models with faster processors and excellent multitasking capabilities. Definitely not when you can make a whole lot of money when you sell it to a buyback site. 

Lack Of Support 

In the tech world, two years is long enough for a device to be produced, sold, and discontinued. Apple’s iPad 5 tablet came with the latest OS at that time, which is the iOS 10.3. But three years down the line, the device has been discontinued by Apple. And the OS is only as good as outdated. Today, there are newer, faster, and better productivity-oriented operating systems on the latest iPad models. 

Even if that doesn’t appeal to you, the new iPad OS will do. Designed to enhance the distinctive multitasking features of the latest iPad models, the new iPad OS in the face of future portable computing. And the truth is, you would have to upgrade to newer devices experience the real-time mobile computing on the go. 

An Alternative OS With Prices That Won’t Break The Bank

For many Apple pessimists, the joy of customizing everything on an Android tablet says it all. From swapping out factory-installed apps for third-party alternatives to installing custom ROMs, the competition sure has a lot to offer. 

What if you can set up your default browser yourself? No- not Safari. Or install a different messaging app for your SMS? All these at a lower price- without even having to jailbreak your device. Yes, it’s possible. 

You may consider selling your iPad 5 online and jump on the bandwagon of portable computers with unlimited customization capabilities. 

Too Bulky

For a 9.7-inches, one would expect Apple to keep the width and weight the same as its predecessor- but no. You have to deal with the stress of carrying a thicker and heavier iPad, which kicks against the ideals of portable computing. 

At 478g, it will beat your imagination what makes the iPad 5 so heavy, most notably when newer tablets like the 0.7-inch iPad Pro with similar specs and better hardware weighs just 444g.

If you value convenience as much as portability, you could just well trade-in your iPad 5 for cash and get any of the sleek, lightweight marvels from Apple or the competition.

Audio Quality Isn’t Up To Today’s Standards

For audiophiles looking to enjoy a stunning multi-media experience on a tablet, the single, bottom-firing speaker on the iPad 5 is a bit too thin on audio output- even with headphones. It becomes even more obvious when you are streaming or watching videos without your headphones on.  

At this time, you’d wish you have the four-speaker layout of some newer iPads which deliver delightful audio quality.

This will put enough money in your pocket, not only to fund the purchase of your next audio-centric tablet but also to take care of your personal needs. 

Why Sell Your iPad 5 To Buyback Sites?

Selling your used devices is easier now more than ever. Gone are the days when you have to go through all the steps in the world to create a listing for your device on eBay. With several online buyback sites today, you can create a listing, get a quote, and finalize the shipping processes, all within a couple of minutes. 

Apple iPad 5 Rose Gold

After all, nothing pays more than selling your device to a reputable buyback site. Below are some valid reasons why you may want to sell your iPad 5 to a buyback site.

Buyback Sites: The Best Bang For Your Buck

Usually, almost all OEMs and network carriers have their specific trade-in programs for returning customers and new ones. However, their trade-in programs offer lesser value for your device- due to may factors. You tend to lose out a lot of money when you trade-in your iPad 5 with your carrier. 

Unlike your network carriers and OEMs, buyback sites will offer considerably higher value for your device.

When you trade-in your iPad 5 for cash online, buyback sites offer the most money without any hidden charges. 

Get Paid Real Money By Selling Your iPad 5 On Buyback Sites

Let’s face it. When you trade-in your device with your OEM or network carrier, the best you could get is a bunch of credit toward your next upgrade. 

If you want to sell your iPad 5 for real cash, you would have to look at the direction of buyback sites.

No hassles, no restrictions. Once you get paid, you can spend your money anyhow and anywhere.