Made and marketed by Apple, the sixth-generation iPad was introduced in March 2018 as a replacement for the 2017 iPad. Also known as the iPad 6, the 9.7-inch device started from where it’s predecessor stopped. 

The device runs on Apple’s powerful A10 Fusion chip and offers support for the wireless-enabled Apple Pencil. While it doesn’t offer any ground-breaking innovation, it does provide all the essential features we like most about the iPad.

iPad 6 Sell

Why You Should Sell Your iPad 6

Generally, the 2018 iPad introduced a couple of crucial changes that are perfect enough for your daily computing tasks. Aside from that, it is just like any other entry-level iPad that fails to address some of the key issues we have with its predecessors. 

From the outset, the 2018 iPad 6 had just one job. And that is -appeal to educators and enhance the productivity of school students. And it performs excellently well to that extent.

However, there are some areas where it comes short of the high-end iPad Pro lineup. And this- for some people- may be enough reason to bail out and sell their iPad online.

Selling iPad 6

Other common reasons why you may want to sell your iPad 6 include:

Same Old Design

Obviously, the sixth-generation iPad comes with the same design as its predecessor- which didn’t impress users and critics at the time of release. While Apple continues to make efforts to reduce the bezels around its display. And will continue to play second-fiddle to the new edge-to-edge screen of the high-end Apple iPhones.

If you admire the stunning display of the almost bezel-less device of 2019, you can sell your iPad 6 online for cash and set it towards your next upgrade. 

Non-Expandable Storage

The iPad 6 comes with two non-expandable storage options. That is the 32GB and 128GB flash memory options- which is pretty small by today’s standards.

Going by the sheer volume of media files and documents we have around today, you will run out of storage space in no time. Except if you are willing and ready to delete multiple files in order to create space for new ones. You wouldn’t want that, right?

What’s the essence of having a tablet that will not let you enjoy all your data and media files on the go? 

You can trade-in your iPad 6 for cash and get the high-end device with massive built-in storage capacity.

Spending Cash

When you sell your iPad 6 to a buyback program, you stand a chance of getting a good cash offer that will put more money in your pocket. 

The whole process is fast and straightforward, and within minutes, you can earn some cash to spend on the things you desire. 

From changing your wardrobe to saving for your dream family vacation, selling your iPad 6 can be more profitable and beneficial than you think.

Fund Your New Upgrade

The sixth-generation iPad offers just a minimal upgrade, and as such, remains an entry-level device. If you aren’t an educator or school-owner, you may find the device less appealing and inferior to its Pro siblings. 

Now that we even have more sophisticated tablets with insane specs and features, it may sound reasonable to upgrade your device to have a better mobile computing experience. 

Usually, it is not difficult to upgrade. But it’s difficult to meet the price tag- especially if you are running for any of these insanely powerful tablets. 

At this point, it becomes necessary to get the highest value for your iPad 6 whenever you sell it online. Selling your sixth-generation iPad to a buyback program online will help generate some cash to fund your new upgrade.

Empty Your Junk Drawer

Back in 2010, the first-generation iPad was the shiny new device everything want to own. Nine years after, the story has changed. Now, it is only good enough for the junk drawer and comes nowhere near the latest models in any regard. This isn’t surprising though, as your iPad 6 is meant to suffer the same fate at a point- just like any other tablet. 

The advent of new technology drives innovation in the tech world. And the release of a new tablet pushes your current device down the pecking order. When this happens, you will have more reasons to use the services of new tablets rather than our old iPad. This may necessitate selling your iPad online for cash and upgrading to a new model with several features.

Safely Recycle Your Old iPad 6

Additionally, rather than accumulate broken and defective phones in your junk drawer, you can sell them to a buyback program for safe recycling.

Why You Should Sell Your iPad 6 To A Buyback Program

Usually, it is always very easy to sell most Apple-owned products online. This is because there are several online platforms that offer buyback and trade-in services for the Cupertino-based firm’s tablets. For each platform, there are some peculiar similarities, differences, advantages, and disadvantages. This means you cannot all get the same services from every platform, and some outlets offer better and more lucrative offers than others.

However, the general operating procedures and customer-oriented services make buyback programs stand out from the competition. So if you are looking to get the highest value for your device, you are better off with a buyback program.

Selling iPad 6 to Buyback Program

Here are some reasons why you should sell your iPad 6 to a buyback program:

No Hidden Fees

Selling your iPad to a buyback program could be for you if you don’t like hidden charges. Unlike some marketplaces, buyback sites will not charge you to create a listing for your device or complete a transaction. 

This is because buyback sites know quite well that you are looking to get the maximum value in cash for your iPad 6. And for this reason, we charge zero fees to ensure you end up with the highest payout every time.

Easy, Quick, And Convenient

Talk about listing out your device for sale and getting an instant offer while you are still in bed. Now that’s what we are talking about. Most buyback sites value the importance of convenience and create a platform where you can get everything done with no hassle. 

Now, you can quickly create a listing for your device and get an instant offer in like manner. No stress, no hassle, and no waiting.

Risk-Free Transactions

When you sell your iPad 6, some marketplaces will require you to meet up with a stranger to complete a transaction, but buyback sites will not. Selling to a stranger can expose you to some safety and security risks- which is not a good idea at all.

When you are able to sell your iPad 6 without stepping out of your home, you know your safe and secure.