Unveiled at an Apple Media conference in October 2012, the fourth-generation iPad was more than enough for Apple enthusiasts back then. It replaced the older iPad 3, which only lasted for seven months and was discontinued right after the release of iPad 4.

Back then, the iPad 4 came in handy for all users. It offers upgraded hardware and software components that justify the discontinuation of the previous model. The iPad Mini 4’s reign at the top of the compact-sized tablet family didn’t last for long. Earlier this year, the device was discontinued and replaced by a newer, faster, and better portable tablet.

Seven years on, Apple has discontinued the iPad 4. The device could only support as many as five major iOS releases. The release of iOS 11 in 2017 signaled the end of the road for your iPad 4 on the software side of things. The iOS saw Apple switch to 64-bit completely. Thereby leaving all 32-bit devices- including your old iPad 4. 

Sell Your iPad 4 Now

Why You Should Sell Your iPad 4

Usually, people sell or trade-in their devices for cash for a wide variety of reasons. And these reasons can be personal at times. As far as the Apple iPad 4 is concerned, here are some reasons we think you may want to sell your iPad 4, especially now that it is very old.

Selling iPad 4


Pay For Your Next Upgrade

A great reason to sell your iPad 4? To get money for a newer one! The iPad 4 could only push Apple’s ambition of creating a befitting platform for mobile computing so far. Right now, it is no longer the best tablet for the job. Over the years, the iPad line has evolved into a portable tablet with a wide array of premium features that appeal to even the most demanding users. 

There is a catch, though. While the newer iPads are faster and more efficient, their prices are higher and more expensive. This means you are going to part with a chunk of your money if you want to own any of these new tablets.

At this point, you can sell your old iPad 4 online to fetch some extra cash for your new upgrade.

Enjoy Exciting New Features

With each generation of Apple iPad comes top-of-the-line hardware components and great new features- many of which are lacking on your old iPad 4. When you sell your iPad 4 to a buyback program, you can upgrade to a newer device and enjoy all the productivity-enhancing features on them.

Thanks to the rapid technological advancements and modern innovations, every OEM is constantly producing newer and better devices with exciting new features. Over the years, the iPad Mini 4 is lower down the pecking order when it comes to performance, productivity, and premium features.

Get Rid Of Your Old, Outdated Device

Need another great reason to sell your iPad 4? As technology improves, every OEM strives to find new ways to make their products better and more efficient. Today, we have quite a lot of technological advancements and innovations on new iPads that will make your old iPad 4 obsolete. But instead of allowing your old iPad to lay fallow in the junk drawer after getting a new device, you can sell it online for cool cash.

Even if your device is totally unusable, you can still sell it online for parts or safe recycling.

Why not trade your iPad 4 in for cash now at buyback sites when you can still make a decent amount out of it. 

Advantages Of Selling Your iPad 4 To A Buyback Site

There are quite a number of ways by which you can sell your iPad 4 online today. Each way differs from the other by their mode of operation, charges, and so on.  

Sellling iPad 4 online

Notwithstanding, buyback sites seem to have the most efficient buyback program out of them all, and thus, might be the best choice for you.

Risk-Free And Convenient

Buyback sites prioritize your safety and convenience by operating a user-friendly online trade-in program that makes the entire process a walk in the park for you. When you sell your device to a buyback site, it wards off every security risk that comes with meeting up with a stranger to finalize a deal.

No Transaction Fees

One big advantage to selling your iPad 4 to a buyback program? No fees! As we all know, many classified online marketplaces charge a ridiculous price for creating a listing or completing a transaction. When you sell your iPad 4 to a buyback program, though, you get the highest payout and avoid all the charges and transactional costs.