Each year, Apple unveils its latest and greatest new iPhone. In the months leading up to release, there are so many rumors about new features, accessories, and even the name. The average American holds onto their phone for 22.7 months. However, this figure can be misleading as nearly 44% of the population upgrades their phone anytime a new model is available. So whether you want to keep up with the latest iPhone trends or need to trade in your well-used phone, we’ll help you answer the question “how much is my iPhone worth?” 

iPhone Worth

What Determines An iPhone’s Value?

No matter who you sell your iPhone too, there a few factors that will automatically determine the price range of your phone. The newer your phone is, the higher resale price it will command. Condition is also an important factor. If the battery works well and the screen isn’t cracked then you’ll be able to get more money. Larger hard drive sizes and screens also are worth more. However, few people will be interested in your accessories—they only want the phone.  Finally, unlocked phones make it easier for buyers to use or resell your iPhone. Let’s take a look at how much you can expect from your phone by the iPhone model. 

How Much Is My iPhone Worth?

If you still have one of these phones that’s quite impressive. The iPhone 4 and anything earlier is considered ancient by smartphone standards. These products have been obsolete for a long time which means they are far beyond the latest iOS updates and reliable app services. They can still function, but not the way most people want them to. 

iPhone 4

Most online services don’t actually provide an option for an iPhone 4 or earlier. Your best bet might be on eBay and Craigslist where you’ll be lucky to get in the $10-30 range if you can find a buyer. 

iPhone 5, 5C, And 5S

iphone 5

Neither the iPhone 5 or 5C is compatible with iOS 11(note iOS 13 is currently in beta and soon to be released). The iPhone 5S is iOS 11 compatible which is helpful for resale value. Some major buyback sites do not even accept iPhone 5 models anymore. However, here’s what you can expect for these: 

iPhone 5 $2 – $35
iPhone 5c $2 – $30
iPhone 5s $5 – $40

How Much Are The iPhone 6 And 6 Plus Worth?

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have become pretty old devices. Although they are supported by iOS 12, Apple has indicated they won’t support the iPhone 6 with iOS 13. When that happens, their resale value will drop quickly so it’s a good idea to sell your phone asap.

iPhone 6 $20 – $110
iPhone 6 Plus  $45 – $140

iPhone SE

iPhone SE

The iPhone SE is a cult favorite. Instead of going bigger, Apple released its latest hardware in a compact form that many users loved. Rumors are they may soon release an iPhone SE 2 as an update. Considering its original affordable price, the iPhone SE has held its value pretty well. 

iPhone SE $35 – $90

iPhone 6S And 6S Plus

iPhone 6s

Apple will continue to support the iPhone 6S through iOS 13 which will help it hold its value for at least another year. 

iPhone 6s $90 – $180
iPhone 6s Plus $110 – $210

How Much Are The iPhone 7 And 7 Plus Worth?

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus 

iPhone 7 is in the mid-range in terms of age. As users can expect at least two more years of support from Apple, the iPhone 7 can still command a fairly high resale price. 

iPhone 7 $100 – $250
iPhone 7 Plus $120 – $300

iPhone 8 And 8 Plus

iPhone 8 and 8 plus

Many iPhone 8 and 8 Plusses may still even be covered by their original Applecare warranties. This iPhone was a consistent hit with critics and it has a huge resale market for people who prefer the traditional iPhone feel before the X models came out. So, how much is an iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus worth?

iPhone 8 $194 – $400
iPhone 8 Plus $300 – $520

How Much Is An iPhone X Worth?

iPhone X

The iPhone X was a major update for the iPhone and unveiled a new design and features like FaceID. The phone also celebrates the 10th anniversary of the original iPhone so it has a collector’s value to some people. Users should expect Applecare and other support for the foreseeable future. 

iPhone X $400 – $560

iPhone XR

iPhone XR


Many critics have hailed this 2018 iPhone as the best all-around iPhone in years. It’s affordable, feature-packed and comes in a variety of colors. As an overall highly rated phone, there’s no shortage of buyers fostering a strong resale market: 

iPhone XR $425 – $630

iPhone XS And XS Max

Iphone X and iPhone XS

The XS and XS Max were the 2018 high-end iPhone options and are packed with the best Apple technology in a sleek, highly functional and user friendly device.  As the XS and XS Max can expect the highest product lifespans, you can typically get the highest resale prices with this iPhone model. 

iPhone XS $500 – $720
iPhone XS Max $600- $850 

How To Figure Out How Much Your iPhone Is Worth

As mentioned there are a few factors that will always determine the value of your phone no matter who you sell to. They include: 

  • The model itself
  • Model details (i.e. storage and carrier)
  • The condition of the Phone
  • How close we are to a new iPhone release (prices drop in September when new models come out) 

Do note that even though prices drop in September, there’s never a bad time to sell your phone. In fact, many buyers wait until September to find deals. You might not get as much as money as you’d like around that time, but you’ll be able to sell your phone quickly. 

So, How Much Is My iPhone Worth?

As you can see, iPhone prices vary significantly between model year as well as the condition of the device. Overall even older devices in good condition can still fetch fairly high resale prices. In general, you may able to find higher resale values through private buyers. However, that whole process can be a serious headache. 

For this reason, many people are taking advantage of resale platforms instead. You can still get a great price for your iPhone while skipping the hassle of finding a buyer and going through the wholesale process.